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Angry Animal (Hemp)

I came up with the idea for my Angry Animal Movement originally because of all the young African American men getting killed by the police, but then I realized that was not the only issue we were facing. I wanted to make a movement to get people and even myself to admit and realize that it’s not just the police killing us, but also how we’re killing ourselves at an astonishing rate. There’s also the issue of domestic violence to which I am a survivor of myself. That’s an issue that is out of control and lasts but not least is child abuse. The things that are being done to children is horrifying. So because of my love of animals, I decided to create a movement and found four animals to represent the crisis that we’re experiencing. hemp is a pain and stress reliever, mind calmer, and mood stabilizer.


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You can request a customize order for lotions, soaps, sugar scrubs, bathroom decor, and baskets, and enjoy my products the way you would like it. Note that all my products are handmade once a order request has been submitted. The expected delivery is determined by your order request. Once a order has been submitted I will send you an invoice with the price based on your order request.

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    Hello I'm The Owner

    Hey I'm Michelle Green

    Hey I'm Michelle Green

    Owner of Pampered By Miche and Creator of Angry Animals

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    I make all my products customized to your liking. They are handmade once the order has been requested by you. All my products are smoothing to your body and soul. 

    Pick out the moisturizer, essential oils , and any fragrance you want the product to have.

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    I literally will customize any of my custom products just for you. 

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    My Hemp Products

    I use Hemp in these products to help relax some muscles in your body and relieve stress.

    I have a special product line to represent my Angry Animal Organization featured in the Hemp 

    Each Animal stands for a special and powerful meaning so please check out my Hemp page and learn more and the meanings behind my animals. 

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by email or text me and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

    Thank you & God Bless You!




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